deArk [P] Ltd.

Service Specialization

deArk has the consultancy experience & talent to execute a project in optimum expense & gestation period. Execution of Architectural Projects at the deArk assures quality building material, affordable pricing & optimal speed to provide you the building for the money you spent at right time.

The creative minds at deArk put their heart & soul into each & every Architectural Plans & strive to make each design, a one to Cherish for a long time.

  • Architectural Design

    Architecture (unlike mechanical engineering) responds in some measure to a prevailing cultural climate in which it is created and therefore emerges inevitably as a cultural artifact reflecting the nature of that culture.

    An understanding of the site and its potential suggests an analytical process before the business of designing can get under way.

    Interior Design

    deArk creates interiors with the vision of the next generation since habits and aesthetics change with times. Highly skilled craftsmen create your interiors with the supervision of gifted interior designer.

    Every interior stands apart since it is custom made, amalgamating your vision into it.


    The landscaping and gardening sector has seen stable growth over the past years.

    A garden remains a place of refuge especially when times are hard – a place to relax and regain strength, or quite simply a sanctuary. Because of this people still invest in their private gardens.

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